Dr. Tina Prodnik ND, MS

Energy is my signature;

let me sign beside you.

I'm doctor of natural and integrative medicine, molecular biologist,
motivator & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you live a healthy and vibrant life.

It's me, Tina,

now, today, in this moment. As a molecular biologist and practitioner of natural and integrative medicine, I love working with people and helping them find the causes of their imbalances or challenges in a natural and holistic way.

My journey began …

My mission is to empower you to live up to your full potential.

How can I help you on your journey?

Holistic One-on-One Consultation

You can’t find your way through the information overload. Where to start? How to help yourself? My holistic consulting can help you…

Biotech start-up: Vibrant longevity lab

We push boundaries and develop innovative solutions in the field of nutraceuticals and holistic programs. We invite you to experience the power of health and vitality with our solutions.

Empowerment, Awareness, and Support - Working with Groups

Join like-minded people in our growing Vibrant Longevity FB Community and learn the secrets to a long and healthy life!

Vibrant Longevity Institute - Pro Bono Work, Research

We are committed to philanthropy because everyone deserves access to quality, scientific, independent information, and support.

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